Eurasia Environmental Associates, LLC
Eurasia Environmental Associates, LLC (EEA) is a company of environmental planners, policy analysts, institutional specialists, economists, scientists, and engineers committed to supporting environmental, social and economic sustainability in the Eurasia region by providing Western technical and environmental management experience to our peers in the region.  
EEA and our counterparts in the region agree that a sound local economy is dependent on two things: a modern work force and environmentally responsible business practices.  As an environmental service provider, it is EEA's inherent task to uphold local environmental standards, but it is our specific mission to couple this with a commitment to raising the technical and managerial skills of local environmental professionals.  By doing so, we hope to precipitate project sustainability and ultimately economic security in the region.


Eurasia Environmental Associates' goal is to establish and utilize a closely linked network of locally owned and managed consulting organizations in the Eurasia region to provide environmental consulting and sustainable project development   services to international development aid agencies, host country governments, nongovernmental organizations, and private companies in a wide variety of economic development sectors.

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