Incinerator Consultants Incorporated
INCINERATOR CONSULTANTS INCORPORATED (ICI) is an engineering firm specializing in waste treatment and disposal processes and technology.  This includes all types of systems: for medical waste destruction, hazardous waste disposal, treatment plant sludges, refuse or trash burning, general industrial waste disposal, volatile organic compounds and institutional waste stream disposal, and contaminated sites.

ICI works exclusively in the field of waste disposal technology, and have been active in this business since 1967.  They are fully independent, having ties to neither manufacturers nor to sales organizations.  Their activities include the preparation of a dozen textbooks on waste disposal technologies.  Many of these books, such as MEDICAL WASTE DISPOSAL (by Calvin R. Brunner, 1996), have become standards of the industry, with world-wide distribution and use.  Through its books and computer programs, ICI can provide its clients with the tools needed for its clients to examine their situation.

ICI's services include:  expert testimony, planning, addressing the public, incinerator design seminars, applications seminars, conceptual design, design reviews, permitting, construction administration, construction management, operator training, operations assistance, design manuals, trouble-shooting, and inspections.  

Calvin R. "Charles" Brunner, P.E., DEE, is principal engineer with the firm. His background includes over 30 years experience in the field, the publication of twelve textbooks on incineration and related subjects, and the presentation of seminars throughout the United States and overseas.

Relevant medical waste management and incineration projects performed by ICI and Mr. Brunner include:  (1) evaluated waste disposal options for a consortium of hospitals in Salt Lake City, Utah; (2) designed plasma arc medical waste disposal system for a firm in Huntsville, Alabama; (3) evaluated central autoclave, transport, and landfill for 100 hospitals in Las Vegas, Nevada; (4) designed medical and radioactive waste disposal for National Institute of Environmental Health and Safety, and the USEPA in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina; (5) designed incinerator for medical wastes disposal in Bangkok, Thailand, Anatolia, Turkey, St. Petersburg, Russia for a firm in Sydney, Australia; (6) evaluated medical waste disposal practices and design of medical waste incinerator for University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada; and (7) evaluated waste generation and designed an incineration system to dispose of hospital wastes.

Incinerator Consultants Incorporated
11204 Longwood Grove Drive
Reston, Virginia  20194, USA
Tel:  1-703-437-1790
Fax:  1-703-437-9048

Mr. Charles R. Brunner, P.E., DEE is President and sole owner of ICI

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