Solid Waste Services

“We provide solid waste experts with extensive worldwide experience
and a low-overhead organization to meet our clients' needs.”

Statement of Qualifications

Solid Waste Services, LLC, (SWS) provides strategic advice, engineering, planning, and operations management services in the solid waste field. Our staff consists primarily of professional solid waste engineers and managers with extensive worldwide experience in the planning, permitting, design, construction, and operation of solid waste management facilities.  SWS provides full consulting engineering capabilities, including operations and construction management and CADD design, in its Reston, Virginia, offices.


We provide the following solid waste services:

Operations consulting
Landfill design and permitting
Landfill construction quality assurance and construction management
Landfill closure, remediation, and reuse planning and design
Leachate collection and recycling systems' design
Solid waste collection systems' analysis and design
Landfill gas recovery system design
Landfill operations consulting services
Transfer station planning and design
Transportation and transfer efficiency studies
Comprehensive solid waste management planning
Feasibility studies and institutional development
Solid waste facility siting and environmental impact studies
Public involvement programs and expert testimony
Compost facility operations and design

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