Central Asian Partners
Anatoly Krutov
EEA Local Representative
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
E-mail: ankrutov@yahoo.com

Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia

The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) was established under the decision of the Fourth Pan-European Conference (1998) in Aarhus, Denmark, on the initiative of the Central Asian states.  It is one of the series of similar centres (RECs) established in Central and Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States (Hungary, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova).  In 1999, the governments of the Central Asian countries decided to locate the headquarters of the future CAREC in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and set up its branches in every Republic of the region.  In July 2000, the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan ratified the Agreement on the Working Conditions of the CAREC signed by the Republic of Kazakhstan, the European Commission and the UNDP, which along with the Charter of the Centre serves as the legal framework for operations of the Centre.  In 2001 after receiving the grant allocated by the European Commission and the building provided by the Government of Kazakhstan, CAREC started its full-scale operations.

CAREC being a juridical person that implements its activity in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan is an independent, non-profit and non-political international organization.  CAREC is designed to assist cooperation in environmental problem-solving in Central Asia.  More specifically, CAREC's mission is:  (1)  to develop co-operation among NGOs, governments, businesses, donors and other stakeholders for environment and sustainable development (E&SD), and (2) to increase public participation in the environmental decision-making process, thereby assisting in the further development of the civil society.

Nurlan Yeskendirov, Program Manager, Environmental Management
Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC)
Orbita-1, 40, 480043, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan               
Phone:  (+7-3272) 78-51-10
Fax:  (+7-3272) 70-53-37
E-mail:  nyeskendirov@carec.kz

EcoCenter of Karaganda

EcoCenter was founded in 1992 at Karaganda State University.  The center was originally registered as a public organization conducting research in eco-genetics from the laboratories at the University. Today, the organization consists of 10 permanent staff and 20 volunteers, most of whom are members of the biology faculty.  EcoCenter's activities have expanded to include research in the field of radiation, ecology and health; extensive studies in the field of biodiversity; expansion of environmental education programs in the school curriculum; and provides institutional support to other NGOs. EcoCenter has received support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, SOROS, USIS, and Milieukontakt to name a few.

Kaisha Atakhanova, Director
Republic of Kazakhstan
470074, Karaganda
ul. Universitetskaya, 28  KarGU
Biological faculty, rm  120

phone:  (3212) 74-56-86
e-mail:  ecocenter@sys-pro.com

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